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Affiliate link – what's worth knowing? Part III


An affiliate link is the simplest affiliate tool, which takes the form of a unique URL to the advertiser's website. Once processed in the affiliate system, it becomes a link containing the publisher's encrypted unique identifier. It can be published as a URL or plugged into a photo, graphic, text or logo. With it, the tracking system is able to count the traffic directed from the publisher's site to the advertiser's site, as well as each sale or other action made after a click on the website.


Placing affiliate links


Try one of the following strategies to extract the full potential of affiliate links. When placing them in a blog post or on a social media profile, make sure they relate to and are a logical extension of the content contained therein. The path to them should be logical so that users know exactly how they will benefit from a click. It is equally important to strike a balance and use the right – neither too few nor too many – affiliate links in the content you publish. In the former case, there is a good chance that recipients will not pay attention to them, in the latter case, they may be considered SPAM and make readers discouraged from clicking. The best solution is to create valuable, useful content that solves users' problems and provides answers to their questions. This way, affiliate links present themselves naturally, guaranteeing a seamless user experience. To make them eye-catching and enticing to click on, it is a good idea to make them stand out appropriately. To do this, you can use bright, eye-catching colours or bold fonts.               


Keep it short, but not too long


Remember to keep affiliate links short when you insert them into social media posts or blog entries. The reason for this is that links are often long, which makes them look unsightly and uninviting. To shorten a link, simply use one of the available tools. For this to be effective, it is important to choose a domain name that is easy to remember and associated with the brand or company. A name generator can be helpful here. Just type in your desired words and the tool will check the availability of particular domains and suggest the best solutions. However, an aesthetically pleasing appearance is not the only advantage of affiliate link shortening. The shorteners available on the web allow you to change the address of the website to which the recipient will be redirected. In this way, there is no risk of losing traffic and, therefore, money. Link shorteners are not everything. In order to achieve the best possible results with them, it is important not to overuse their quantity. If there are too many of them, they may be negatively evaluated by Google's search engine. The most effective affiliate links are those that are placed naturally in the text.


Follow or nofollow?


Dofollow and nofollow are attributes of affiliate links that convey information to search engine robots about how they should behave towards them. The former is fundamental to the linking process of a website. This is because they allow users to move to another page. Search engine algorithms recognise them as signals that indicate the value of the target address. If a website has many links from valuable sites, it will appear higher in the search results. For this to be possible, however, the linking website must use the dofollow attribute. Links of this type also give value to the target sites in the case of internal linking.


The nofollow attribute, on the other hand, is used to tell the search engine robot not to take the link into account in its evaluation of the linked site. Sponsored links, for example, are marked in this way. This marking is effective in limiting spam attempts. From the point of view of a user browsing a website, nofollow marking looks identical to dofollow. The difference is only visible in the code of the page. If the website has many links leading to a particular web page, a certain percentage of nofollow links makes it less likely that robots will consider it to be artificially promoted and impose filters. Consequently, it is worthwhile for some of them to be labelled in this way. Although the nofollow attribute is in theory used to mark external links, it is also worth using it for internal linking. Among other things, this refers to links directing to pages that have no content or are irrelevant from the search engine's point of view.



Free links?


If you want to start earning from affiliate links, all you have to do is register as a publisher with the affiliate network of your choice. For any trusted, legitimate entity, this is a free process. Access to the various functionalities of the affiliate platform and the promotional tools available there is also free. Once generated, affiliate links continue to work until they are removed from the relevant site. If an affiliate programme requires a registration fee, this means that there is a fraudulent multi-level marketing scheme.


Life of links


The shelf life of affiliate links varies depending on the promotional campaign for the products in question. Some advertisers make them available indefinitely, while others specify an expiry time. To find out how long you will be able to use a particular affiliate link, read the information in the terms and conditions of your chosen affiliate programme.


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An affiliate link is a unique URL that leads directly to the advertiser's website. It is an essential affiliate tool for promotion. However, to make it effective, it is worth bearing in mind a few basic principles. A trusted, secure affiliate network includes Click Hub.