How does our

Choosing Offer

1. Choosing Offer

Pick the offer from the platform that corresponds to your source - we accept almost all traffic types (fraud or incentive traffic is not accepted)

Creating Campaign

2. Creating Campaign

Create a compelling campaign and generate high-quality traffic, you can order additional creatives on request directly from your AM

Traffic Tracking

3. Traffic Tracking

We diligently track your traffic and provide you with detailed statistics directly on our platform, so you can easily monitor and analyze your records

Funds Withdrawal

6. Funds Withdrawal

Withdraw your accumulated funds using a diverse range of payment methods available on the platform

Granting Payout

5. Granting Payout

If a lead qualifies as either a non-trash (CPL) or a confirmed order (CPA), you will receive a payout that will be seamlessly added to your account balance on the platform

Closing Leads

4. Closing Leads

When a lead comes in, our Call Center immediately calls to confirm the order and you can see this lead in statistics

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