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Affiliate Marketing and ...bloggers


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods of monetizing content created on the Internet. This is how bloggers make money. In the posts they publish, they skillfully weave links to the advertised products, thus earning commissions on their sale.


Voice on the Internet

A blogger is defined as an online creator who is engaged in creating content, sharing it online and communicating with his or her followers. These can be both articles and guides, reviews, reports from various types of events or trips, or recipes. A blogger is an active person on the web who builds his own community of readers by engaging in interactions, giving advice or responding to comments. Blogging can be both an additional activity and a main occupation for him. The skills that every future blogger must have are: A light pen, the ability to use CMS systems and edit photos, the ability to optimize content for SEO, creativity, the ability to conduct research and analysis, timeliness, self-discipline and communication skills. What is the step-by-step process of setting up a blog? First of all, it is necessary to decide what topics will be addressed on it and to which target group the content presented there will be directed. The next stage is the selection of a blogging platform and the creation of a content marketing plan and a publication plan. Then you just need to start publishing entries, remembering to interact with the audience.



 The forgotten profession 

The history of blogs dates back to 1990, when Tim Bernes-Lee founded the world’s first weblog. Its name comes from the words: web (web) and log (log). They have been under their current name since 1999, thanks to Peter Marholz. A very important date was 2003, when the favorite blogging platform, WordPress, was born. What does it look like today? Many modern creators wonder whether in the era of the popularity of short content presented on social networks, such as Instagram or Twitter, blogging still makes sense. As the results of the research show, of course! Blogs are still seen as a reliable and opinion-forming medium – both by readers and marketing experts. It is an excellent means of communication and a tool supporting promotional activities of the brand that positively affect its image, visibility in the network and sales.



Affiliation and blogging                     

The key to success in affiliate marketing in the blogosphere is the appropriate matching of recommended products to the topic of the blog and its target group. This can be done here in several different ways. The simplest affiliate tool is an affiliate link, which is a unique URL leading to the advertiser’s website, which is processed in the affiliate system in such a way that the unique publisher ID is encrypted in it. Bloggers also have widgets at their disposal, i.e. elements of the graphical user interface that allow automatic display of specific information, which in this case are selected products from the advertiser’s offer. Their undoubted advantages include the ease of adaptation on the blog and attractive appearance. The publisher can easily generate its own widget in the panel, and then add the advertised products to it. Affiliate marketing on a blog can also be based on placing advertising banners anywhere. To diversify their appearance, it is worth using a tool, which is a rotator. Every few seconds it replaces the banner, thanks to which the blogger is able to recommend products from several different partner programs. Affiliation on the blog is also possible using the so-called xml file containing the full assortment of the advertiser's store along with the description and prices. With its help, a blogger can present his users with an offer prepared for them.


The affiliate link can be integrated into the content presented on the blog, among others through reviews of products currently tested, such as clothes or electronic devices. For such a post to be effective, it must contain a sincere opinion on the experience related to a given commodity, enriched with visually attractive photos. In addition, the reviewed product should be consistent with the topic of the blog and the interests of the target group. An affiliate link can also be placed in an entry containing a list of top products that have proven themselves with a given creator. These can be the best cosmetics that are worth taking with you on a holiday trip or foreign destinations that are worth visiting in winter. Thanks to such a combination, the reader will know which products or services he can invest in and which is a waste of money. Another way to act in the field of affiliate marketing on a blog is a post containing a list of favorite books or CDs. If you want to use affiliate links from several different advertisers at the same time, it is worth preparing an entry that is a DIY type instruction with a list of products necessary to make a given item yourself.



Does it make sense? 

Affiliate programs are developing extremely dynamically and are an increasingly popular way to earn money on a blog. Their main advantage is the fact that they can also be joined by those bloggers who are just starting their activity on the web and do not have a large audience yet. More and more companies from different industries are deciding to cooperate with this type of creators. This is hardly surprising. This is a proven way to increase brand credibility. Bloggers often have a real impact on the behavior and purchasing decisions of their readers. Moreover, the brands they work with often promote not only on the blog, but also on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. They often mention them at industry events or recommend them to other bloggers.


The guarantee of success in the field of affiliation is tailored to individual needs, a professional affiliate network. The market leading platform of this type is Click Hub. The platform guarantees a wide selection of partner programs from various industries. Click Hub has an extensive, intuitive platform that facilitates the management and ongoing monitoring of the effects of activities. The affiliate platform offers different billing models. Running affiliation with Click Hub also means high commissions and quick payouts. All this makes the affiliation pleasant and will bring high profits.                                                                     

Every person running their blog can start making money from affiliate marketing. The key to success here is the appropriate matching of promoted products or services to the topic of the blog and the audience group. The Click Hub platform will help you promote affiliate links .